"leveraging the world's knowledge"


At Knowledge Associates, every one of us has a great passion and a mission to educate and help implement breakthrough knowledge driven strategies, innovative knowledge driven processes, new methods, tools and techniques that will transform individuals, teams, organisations, economy, and society.

This is because knowledge fundamentally underpins everything we all do, in all our decision making, actions and behaviours. Knowledge, today, has become 'the key factor of production' in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy. And if there really is a new, robust, and well proven way to accelerate the process of creating, managing and retaining critical knowledge and innovation, so much faster, and with higher quality then ever before - we must do it!

Humanity urgently needs to be able to create and leverage the best collective knowledge available on the planet, to both solve existential problems, to survive, and also, to enable our economies and future generations to thrive!


KNOWLEDGE ASSOCIATES helps individuals and organisations to better manage their critical knowledge and intellectual assets. This will result in higher quality decision making, significantly reduced costs, and ability to achieve objectives more collectively, more systematically, and much faster than ever before.

By researching, educating, consulting and providing a platform of solutions, systems and tools, Knowledge Associates help you to understand and implement world class principles and best practices for effective information asset management, collaboration and co-creation, knowledge, competence, innovation and intellectual asset management. We achieve this by applying our 5 step approach.


In today’s rapidly growing global knowledge economy, it is no longer good enough for organisations, public and private, to tolerate mediocre ways to manage their knowledge driven work. Knowledge Associates will guide you through our Five Step Approach, to enable you to better achieve your objectives, and to more collectively and systematically work with developing and managing your organisation's critical knowledge bases, knowledge networks, and a portfolio of critical knowledge assets.


We offer education, with public courses and in-house teams, that focus on why organisations need to become more knowledge driven in the current growing global knowledge economy.

We teach online and physically, discussing world class case studies, conducting masterclasses, seminars and workshops.

Much of our education conducted physically in the UK is at King’s College, St John’s College and Cambridge University. We can provide you with the full 'Cambridge experience'. Internationally, we provide physical education in leading cities and universities.

Our Knowledge Associates Academy, online and physical, based at St John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge, provides research, certified management and university accredited education.


At Knowledge Associates, we know that organisations, as a next step, need to practically test, experience and pilot these new methods and tools themselves and be able to evaluate and measure the business value, results, and working methods that can be achieved. Effective 21st Century knowledge working is a new work paradigm and organisations will better create new work mindsets and better habits faster by directly experiencing and realising the benefits themselves.

Our online platform and support team provides the learning space, with online coaching, mentoring and support, to help you evaluate and develop throughout the experience.


Our international team offer visionary leadership, strategy development, global best practices and standards, systems integration and implementation, consulting advice and assistance

For organisations that are seeking world class standards certification, Knowledge Associates are approved consultants for the BSI (British Standards Institution) in educating, advising and implementing ISO and BSI standards for information and security management (ISO 27001), team and partner collaboration (ISO 44001), knowledge management (ISO 30401), innovation management (ISO 56002), and asset management (ISO 55001).


By providing a mobile and cloud based platform, to learn and experience and evaluate , at your own pace, we can further assist you with providing managed access to a cloud based implementation platform or your own in-house implementation.

Knowledge Associates can provide you with tools, knowledge driven processes, and knowledge strategies to enable you to embed and develop far more productive daily knowledge working and significantly reduce costs.


At Knowledge Associates we can provide you with continuous training and support from our global team 24 hours a day.

Steps 1 and 2, education and experience, provide the 'What and Why'. Steps 3, 4 and 5, consulting services, systems tools, training and support provide the 'How'.


KNOWLEDGE ASSOCIATES offers global thought leadership, driven by our international team and Cambridge Academy.

Our global team are ‘just a click away’ and we educate, consult, and provide systems and tools in several major languages through our online platform. We are located on every continent and our aim is to develop a global community of organisations, associates, consultants and students who are actively interested in developing a global knowledge ecology and economy that strives to see a world that can better address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda) for humanity, through creating and applying the best knowledge as fast as possible.