The Knowledge Associates Group of Companies was first founded by Ron Young in Cambridge in 1995. At Knowledge Associates, we are a passionate and highly committed meritocracy, dedicated to implementing and supporting effective knowledge driven organisations through continual thought leadership.

Our key value is to demonstrate that we ‘practice what we preach’, globally, to achieve extraordinary results.

This means that we thrive on developing the key competencies for every educator and consultant towards world class standards.

We aim to serve our clients as leading knowledge and innovation consultants and educators, with the best possible know-how, methods, tools techniques and knowledge platforms. To achieve this, we have a very rigorous development process for each individual, from level 1 to world class level 5, for each key competence.

All our development programs are certified and our knowledge asset management methodology is university accredited in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

We offer this unique knowledge transfer and competence development to all our clients and customers teams, knowing that they will then be able to fully sustain better knowledge and innovation driven initiates themselves.



Knowledge Associates are a rapidly growing global group of researchers, educators, consultants and practitioners who wish to share and teach this new vision and paradigm of a rapidly growing and prosperous global knowledge and innovation driven society.


Leveraging the World's knowledge. Our primary mission is to help as many individuals, teams and entire organisations as we possibly can, to achieve successful knowledge driven results.


In today's world, billions of people are becoming more highly interconnected, and working together ‘as one’ through the global web and with wireless mobile tools.

People now have the ability to better communicate, cooperate, collaborate, create new knowledge, and develop new innovative products and services much faster than ever before. We have the potential to improve the quality of all our lives and provide increased income and wealth for everyone.

There are massive opportunities for new economic growth within creative and knowledge intensive industries. From new knowledge driven jobs to increasing income opportunities through effective knowledge working.

This can be achieved by better understanding and implementing the best principles for effective collaboration, co-creation, knowledge management, knowledge asset management, and innovation.

Knowledge Associates teaches new ways for effective knowledge working, new knowledge driven strategies, competencies and skills using new knowledge platforms, processes, methods, techniques and tools.

That is the Knowledge Associates vision and mission.


1. We practice and demonstrate what we preach

2. We teach from our intellectual knowledge, but even more so, from our extensive collective and experiential knowledge.

3. We highly value helping our clients achieve extraordinary and successful results.

4. We only undertake win / win business transactions, and win / win partnering through effective collaboration and co-creation with our clients, customers and stakeholders.

5. We strive to build highly trusting relationships through having client and customers best interests first, and at heart at all times, and through delivering products and services with extraordinary competence.

6. We highly value, and fully contract to, ensuring the confidentiality of our clients and their information at all times

7. We practice world class strategic competence development, knowledge leadership and management, at all levels

8. We practice continuous collaboration, co-creation, knowledge and innovation management to be able to continuously innovate, continually improve our quality of products and services, effectively manage our time and relationships, and strive to make wiser decisions


Our strategy requires a global community and partnership strategy of knowledge associates, and it is a digital web driven strategy.

  • Speaking, inspiring and educating, at international conferences, masterclasses, workshops, seminars and briefings.

  • Inspiring and educating through our website, videos, books, e-books and e-learning.

  • Developing and using KNOWLEDGER as our knowledge driven results platform, system and mobile tools, to achieve daily results and objectives.

  • Using KNOWLEDGER ourselves in our daily work, and by achieving knowledge driven results, we demonstrate to others by example, and teach them the power and the benefits of this new way of thinking and working for themselves. We continually strive to develop our knowledge driven competencies.

This is how we teach and provide organisations and individuals with knowledge driven platforms, systems and tools to achieve successful results.


We can provide more information about the Knowledge Associates Charitable Foundation, to teach disadvantaged young people critical digital skills for the 21st Century, to increase their employability, on request