The number one value and mission that is held by Knowledge Associates, is to present the successful results that others have achieved around the world, and that we have achieved ourselves in our own global operations through 'practicing what we preach'. We know that inspiring education and an intellectual understandings are a necessary start, but complete understanding and a new knowledge driven paradigm comes from personally experiencing the best ways of knowledge driven working through practical daily experience.

We start by teaching world class principles, concepts, frameworks, standards, and robust, well proven methods, tools and techniques.

We develop thought leadership through our global research and continuous development of new knowledge, experience, and examples of successful cases and solutions around the world. This enables organisations to transform powerful knowledge and innovation principles into daily knowledge practices. This will result in the best possible solution.

We realise that all organisations, institutions, knowledge networks and communities, need to develop their own best possible solutions in their own particular context. Our aim is to help organisations understand the best solutions available and help to co-create and implement their own unique solutions.

“The global knowledge economy is the fastest growing economy today. Knowledge is growing exponentially around the world. Knowledge underpins everything that we do. Knowledge always has been, and always will be, the key asset! We need to perform effective organisational knowledge work. We need effective knowledge workers. We need to leverage the world’s knowledge. Those individuals, teams, organisations, communities and nations, that manage their knowledge assets wisely, will lead the 21st Century”

Ron Young, CEO, Knowledge Associates International, 1996